D-A-S Dual-Air System

The intelligent solution for the environmentally conscious economist

The D-A-S Dual-Air system features a unique dual airflow in front of and behind the nozzle, which shields and stabilises the spray steel.


  • Reduced drift, even at low stand heights and on bare soils
  • Greater independence from weather conditions – time window for treatments is increased
  • Higher driving speeds, thus increasing the area output
  • More uniform deposition of active ingredient in the stand
  • Greater crop penetration, especially with special crops such as vegetables, lettuce or potatoes
  • The powerful air jet delivers the active ingredient to the target area even in high crops (e.g. maize)
  • Better accumulation of active ingredient in the crop leads to less evaporation losses at high temperatures
  • Reduction of medium and water application rates
  • The system is registered in the JKI’s list of “loss-reducing devices”


  • The desired air volume can be set via the ISOBUS terminal.
  • All JKI-approved flat spray nozzles and various types of drag hoses can be used for liquid distribution
  • Parts of the boom are made of aluminium, resulting in a relatively low boom weight.
  • weight of the boom is achieved
  • Slope compensation is achieved via double cylinder control
  • Available for all implements and working widths (except trailed sprayer “Land-Cruiser”)
  • Nominal power of the D-A-S blower:
    15 m – 28 m working width 0 – 45,000 m3/h
    30 m – 36 m working width 0 – 60,000 m3/h
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