The intelligent camera system for spot-on plant detection

What are the benefits of Green-Smart-Spraying?

Spraying less means saving more: Green Smart Spraying provides farmers with a holistic solution for effective weed management. The system reliably identifies weeds and only applies herbicides where they are really needed. This reduces costs while maintaining high crop yields and also protects the soil and the environment.
The intelligent system is able to detect even very small weeds (6 mm x 6 mm) before and after sowing (“green on brown” as well as “green on green”), distinguish them from crop plants and decide in real time on the ideal application. Thanks to integrated light modules, the system can be used regardless of the time of day or night. This technology was developed in collaboration with Bosch BASF Smart Farming.

How does the Green-Smart-Spraying function work?

DAMMANN Green-Smart-Spraying is a camera system for plant detection. The plants are detected directly by several cameras across the entire working width of the machine. The system makes it possible to treat individual plants with pinpoint accuracy. For convenient operation, the system is integrated into the machine’s user interface.

Light and camera modules

The field camera units are mounted on the boom at a distance of one metre. Each field camera unit detects 2 nozzles independent of the boom section division.
Two field light units belong to each field camera unit and are mounted to the left/right of the field camera unit at a distance of 250 mm.
Computer modules (MCU / SCU) and a telemetry transmission unit (CCU) process, control and transmit the data from and to the camera modules.

Example: Green-Smart-Spraying in Applied Mode

The softkey starts the green detection. The status of the spot spray function is displayed on the boom.

Example Machine in „Green on Brown“ Mode:

  • Machine is operated in “green on brown” mode
  • Message follows: “Weeds detected” or “No weeds detected”.
(In this example, weeds were detectedt!)

Green– on Brown-Detection activated during spot spraying. Weeds have been detected.

Advantages Green-Smart-Spraying

  • Herbicide consumption is reduced by up to 70 percent
  • The targeted application is environmentally friendly
  • Costs are reduced due to the saved pesticide
  • Weed resistance can be better controlled
  • The system works quickly and efficiently
  • Weed mapping is possible on the field map
  • The system works up to 42 metres boom width

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