Spot on crop treatmant through intelligent camera system

The Function

DAMMANN GreenView is a camera-supported system for plant recognition. Several cameras cover the entire working width. The system enables the precise treatment of individual plants.
Mapping is possible. Adjustment of the activation threshold brings further savings potential.


The graphical representation of the GreenView shows the operation of the cameras.

Self learning Cameras

During the pass, the area to be treated is scanned in real time. The self-learning cameras recognise and distinguish “green” weeds on “brown” soil. For this purpose, the cameras’ field of vision is divided into smaller sub-areas. Each camera controls several nozzles.


The cameras in action on the field

The System

The system works in such detail that individual green stalks are detected on brown soil (“Green on Brown”) and reacts accordingly: everything “green” is treated. Individual algorithms for “Green on Green” are already being tested: weeds are detected in wheat, for example.

Camera modules are located on the bumper and linkage.

Individual camera brackets can be folded to maintain the transport height. The foldable mounts are controlled automatically.

DAMMANN GreenVuew Kameras_Gestänge_geklappt

The camera with the folded boom

All relevant information is displayed on the monitor in the driver’s cab during operation of the GreenView.

Main screen and settings screen

Simple operation through integration into the ISOBUS operation of the sprayer

When the DAMMANN-trac is started, the sprayer display switches on automatically. Then actuate the main switch for GreenView installed on the driver’s control panel. Check the switch positions on the S-box. GreenView is started in the sprayer control.

All necessary special settings of the syringe for GreenView are carried out automatically. Switching from conventional operation to spot spraying is possible at any time.

Areas of application:

  • In agriculture
  • For vegetation control in and around the track bed


The first GreenView units are already being used successfully by customers. The feedback on potential savings is promising. Due to the advancing digitalisation and minimisation of camera components, such a system will become more and more popular in the future.

Customer feedback