Heatable wide-angle mirror with Goodby-Light

More safety for users and surroundin

The new DAMMANN wide-angle mirror for all DAMMANN tracs offers a very good view from the driver’s cab. The upper section of the two-part mirror (see illustration) is equipped with a classic mirror, while the lower section with its wide angle enables an inspection view of around 180° degrees. This gives the user a better overview, prevents accidents and thus ensures more safety.

While the upper mirror section can be adjusted from the driver’s cab, the wide-angle section can be aligned manually. Another plus: the entire mirror can be heated.

Safe step when getting in and out: With the Goodbye-Light (see illustration), users of the DAMMANN-trac are offered a further safety aspect in darkness and limited visibility. As soon as the driver’s door is opened, an LED lamp on the mirror arm lights up. To make dismounting safer, the LED remains lit for 20 seconds.