Higher impact power through more tank capacity – The new Tridem trailed sprayer

First feedback for the Profi-Class Tridem – the first 3-axle trailed sprayer

Buxtehude-Hedendorf, 07 July 2022 – The Profi-Class Tridem trailed sprayer, designed to generate even more area output, sets new standards in terms of impact and realises efficient work with a tank capacity of 20,000 litres.

There is great interest and demand for the latest new development from DAMMANN. The Profi-Class Tridem trailed sprayer is currently undergoing its first practical season on a farm in Unseburg (Saxony-Anhalt), where it is being put through its paces. Marc Glowienka, owner and managing director of the “Agro-Team – Unseburg”, played a major role in the development and implementation. Already 15 years ago, he relied on the concept of “more efficiency and performance through larger tank capacity” and purchased the first 14,000 l trailed sprayer from DAMMANN as early as 2011.

During a recent photo shoot on site, we received initial feedback on the 3-axle Profi-Class Tridem crop protection sprayer. Initial concerns about the power requirement and traction capacity have turned into the opposite. After the first test runs, also in the Harz foreland, production manager Dieter Böhm and also driver Ronny Pobanz report on the very good trailing properties of the “big sprayer”. Ronny Pobanz notes: “It is easier to drive than the 14000 on the tandem axle”. 250 hp currently pulls the ANDP20042 and is absolutely sufficient, according to the “Agro-Team”.

Marc Glowienka and Dieter Böhm are enthusiastic about the productivity due to the 20,000 l tank capacity and 42 m working width: “We were already convinced by the Tandem Profi-Class sprayer with 14,000 litres, but after we had been on the road with the Profi-Class Tridem, we no longer want to do without the 20,000 l tank size.”

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In addition to the good driving characteristics, a unique tank capacity of 20,000 litres, the three air-sprung axles, the hydraulic drawbar suspension and a boom width of up to 42 metres, proven DAMMANN innovations are used here. The RRW “Rotating Agitator and Cleaning System” in combination with the uniform box tank ensures an absolutely homogeneous spray liquid even in the 20,000 litre version, as well as an internal cleaning system that is unique to date, which is all the more important with this tank size. Due to the axle relief already built into the tandem sprayer, the user always has sufficient drawbar load on the K80 ball or rear axle of the tractor, even under difficult conditions.

When used optimally, the Tridem saves machines and also working time. In times of labour shortage, this was a not insignificant aspect for DAMMANN to focus the further development on a truly “large” maintenance machine for crop management.

In addition, the large trailed sprayer offers further advantages: for example, the six-tyre Tridem with its mechanical-hydraulic forced steering ensures controlled cornering and optimum road holding. “The sprayer lies more quietly in the crop than the driver’s seat,” as Dieter Böhm enthusiastically noted during the Tridem photo shoot.

The overall package of the Tridem convinces the owner, the production manager as well as the drivers in the Agro-Team’s operation: “We are completely satisfied”! This feedback shows that the market is ready for a trailed sprayer of this size and that the ANDP-Tridem will not remain a niche product.

Thanks to innovative customers and the courageous entrepreneurial spirit at DAMMANN, as well as a flexible team in development and production, such development steps and their rapid implementation are possible at and with HERBERT DAMMANN GmbH.

Our thanks go to Marc Glowienka and his Agro-Team, as well as to AGRAVIS Technik Sachsen-Anhalt/Brandenb. GmbH in Oschersleben, who have significantly supported this project.