KS solesprayers in summer and winter use

DAMMANN DT3500H Kabinenfederung
DAMMANN Solesprueher Spruehbalken

In winter, FS100 brine sprayers are now commonplace for active, preventive and environmentally friendly de-icing. So that they can also be used in summer, the company HERBERT DAMMANN GmbH from Buxtehude near Hamburg offers a sophisticated technology: With this system, tree and green areas can be watered in summer operation, roadway and concrete surfaces can be sprayed or washed and construction roads can be watered. A finely dosed wetting with liquids for fine dust binding can also be mixed in the sprayer and applied with it. Other special applications, such as the self-priming and distribution of seagrass water as a nutrient solution to suitable areas on the Baltic Sea coast, are possible with the municipal sprayer. This special technology is already in continuous use in the city of Halle, where it works efficiently and saves costs.

It only takes a few minutes to convert a brine sprayer into an irrigation system. The prerequisite for this is a single-tank system with a deep sump and self-priming pump from DAMMANN. Thanks to well-thought-out technology and fluid management, the unit is flushed with approx. 500 litres of water in just ten to 15 minutes and is ready for summer use “without any residual brine remaining in the unit”, explains Frank Schock, Sales Consultant Municipal and Airport Technology at DAMMANN.

The brine sprayer of the city of Halle, a DAMMANN KS12003 as a hook version with 12,000 litres drum volume and twelve metres spraying width, is operated during the frost-free period with municipal front attachments such as a watering boom or pouring arm. The vehicle, which was acquired in 2019, is in use almost 24 hours a day, says Sven Schossig, head of department for cleaning and container disposal at Wasser und Stadtwirtschaft HWS. “We have more icy conditions due to freezing wetness than snow. That’s why the vehicle is mainly used as a brine sprayer and less as a snow plough,” explains Schossig. In winter, he says, the rear spray bar is used primarily, in summer the sprayer for fine dust binding. Or, equipped with a watering arm, for watering trees in the city.


The water supply of the additional superstructures runs via the liquid pump of the DAMMANN sprayer and can be continuously regulated in quantity and pressure at the operating terminal in the driver’s cab. In conjunction with a high-pressure pump and a sewer flushing device, both from Dücker, all flushing, washing and cleaning applications up to and including tunnel washing can also be carried out in all pressure ranges with the same vehicle and superstructure.

Sven Schossig sees great advantages in being able to run both services and use the vehicle all year round. “By cleaning quickly after the cold season and using it in summer, we don’t have any problems with salt deposits on the unit.” Another plus: the uncomplicated handling. “The rear part of the vehicle is set up for winter service, the front part for summer service. You can switch from one service to the other with a gear shift.”

The head of department is convinced of the technology from DAMMANN. “For our drivers, it is important that everything can be operated easily and quickly. That fits ideally here.” Schossig adds that he himself is also enthusiastic about the look of the vehicle and the good service.

Frank Schock estimates that a good 50 percent of all municipal sprayers sold by DAMMANN are used all year round. A second machine with the same brine technology may soon be driving through the city of Halle, reveals Sven Schossig. Perhaps this time a Unimog, because it can be used well on secondary roads. “Mainly for watering newly planted trees.” Whether the project will be realised, however, is still up in the air.

Precise, environmentally friendly, low-loss: the company’s motto of “as much as necessary, as little as possible” is also applied to this technology. “We come from land and airport technology,” explains Frank Schock. “The system for the high-precision application of liquids belongs there and can be ideally transferred to the municipal sector.”


Special customer requests for application technology can also be met individually. For example, there is a new request from the Baltic Sea resort of Boltenhagen: Nutrient-rich seagrass water, which is produced by storing the washed-up and collected seagrass on the beach, is to be collected and spread on selected meadows this year – with the KS sprayer from DAMMANN, which will then work again as a brine sprayer and brine generator in winter operation.

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