DAMMANN proSpray Düse

proSpray PWM

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In crop protection treatments, there is a risk of incorrect dosing caused by spray pressure deviation at changed speeds. These deviations occur at higher speeds due to increased drift, but also at reduced speeds, as is the case on slopes or in curves.

Pulse width modulation (PWM) ensures that electrically controlled single nozzle valves are clocked at a frequency of 25 Hz. This very fast opening and closing of the valves allows the flow rate to be controlled more precisely, varying spray liquid quantities are applied at the same pressure and droplet size with just one nozzle caliber. The result: less drift and uniform wetting.

The DAMMANN proSPRAY is easy to install thanks to its pre-fitting to DAMMANN systems and can be retrofitted to all DAMMANN equipment at any time.  It also proves very easy to operate thanks to ISOBUS integration.

The JKI (Julius-Kühn-Institute) has received the complete system, consisting of DAMMANN crop protection equipment & PWM individual valves (Müller Elektronik) & SoftDrop nozzles (Agrotop), for testing. Recognition and drift classification are expected due to the very good results.

Advantages proSPRAY:

  • Constant application rate with varying application rates and different speeds
  • Hardly any change in droplet size, thus better wetting and less drifting
  • Each valve controls the flow independently (internal flow control)
  • Communication via CAN bus
  • Nozzle clogging detection and diagnosis
  • Nearly stepless adjustment with CCA (Curve-Control) for each individual nozzle
  • Operation integrated in the proven operating concept of the DAMMANN ISOBUS user interface of the operator terminal
DAMMANN prospray_PWM_Tandemdüsenträger

Tandem nozzle carrier with conventional control and PWM control

DAMMANN prospray_PWM_Kurvenfahrt

Stepless adjustment during output when cornering


PWM valve from Müller-Elektronik mounted on nozzle carrier with SoftDrop nozzle from Agrotop