Tire pressure control system


Optional tire pressure control system with control via the DAMMANN ISOBUS terminal for optimum adaptation of tire pressure to the driving surface. Various filling strategies depending on vehicle load and manual modes selectable.


  • Maintenance-free rotary joints, greasing is not required
  • Long-lasting rotary joints through the use of special seals
  • Piping system depressurized when switched off
  • Switchable wheel valves with non-return valve (ie no manually operated ball valves in the rims)
  • No pressure loss in the tires during cable breakage
  • Long service life of rotary feedthroughs (only under pressure during active control)
  • Maximum ease of use thanks to digital control
  • 1.45 Euro / ha savings per operation
  • Up to 20% less tire wear
  • Up to 10% less fuel consumption
  • Up to 50% less deep lanes
  • Up to 6% more yield
  • Up to 100% higher mobility