DAMMANN-trac DT 2800H S5 EcoDrive™


The new hydrostatic driven DAMMANN-trac with intelligent engine control

  • Up to 7000 l tank capacity
  • Engine power 285 HP/210 kW
  • 4 hydraulic wheel motors
  • Up to 1.1 metre ground clearence
  • 18t total loaded weight
  • Hydraulic system up to 180 l/min
  • Working widths from 24-42 meter
  • Hydrostatic drive
  • Speed control
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Further details to DAMMANN-trac DT 2800H S5

  • Air-sprung chassis (adjusted by weight)
  • Driving speed approx.. 0-40 km/h (optional to 50Km/h) adjustable by joystick or the accelerator pedal
  • Platform frame for sprayer or spreader
  • Preliminary setup for rotating flashing lights
  • Lockable box 200 l and tool box
  • 10-hole-wheel rims  380/90 R46 159 A8 (17,5 t total perm. weight)
  • Shunting coupling
  • Ground clearance approx. 1100 mm (tyre dependent)
  • Track width 1850 mm to 2250 mm
  • Length 7,95 m
  • Width 2,55 m (track- and tyre dependent)
  • Height 3,70 m (tyre dependent)
  • Permitted total weight 18,0 t (tyre dependent)
  • 6 cylinder Mercedes-Benz OM 936 diesel engine optimized with MTU Type 6R1000
  • Power 210 kW (285 PS)
  • water-cooled
  • Intelligent electronic engine managed System EcoDrive
  • SCR catalytic converter.
  • EU emission Standard tier IV final
  • Common rail fuel injection.
  • Exhaust-gas turbocharger with charge air-cooling
  • External exhaust gas recirculation
  • 250 l fuel tank
  • 25 l Ad Blue Tank
  • Overpressure cabin with activated carbon filter and particulate filter of category 4, tested according to EN 15695-1:2009
  • Good all-round view
  • Optimum noise insulation
  • Sliding door
  • Storage slots
  • Protected easy access service box
  • Air-sprung driver‘s seat with headrest
  • Right armrest incl. Joystick control for vehicle and body sprayer
  • Pre-installation for camera system
  • Radio with CD drive and Bluetooth connection for telephone
  • Heat-insulating panels
  • Emergency seat
  • Neck-rest
  • Ambient lighting
  • Integrated heating and air conditioning
  • Integrated vehicle job computer with data terminal
  • LED work lights front and rear
  • Pneumatic folded steps
  • 180 l/min adjustable pump with  LS control block 2 douple-acting + 2 single-acting control valves with 6 plug connections.
  • Open circulation for an oil pump 55 l/min (adjustable).

More Details about the mounted sprayer Profi-Class for DAMMANN-trac DT 2800H EcoDrive™

  • Direct mounted frame, for optimum stability and centre of gravity
  • Frame with crosspoint to remove the sprayer from the trac
  • Fiberglass safety tank with 5 % more content.
  • Tank with baffle walls for safe transport, 2 filling openings with ventilation compensation
  • Internal clean water tank
  • Tank control – digital filling level indicator
  • Hydraulic lifting boom with protective tracking for hose lines
  • Suspension in the lift mast
  • Spray booms with protected nozzle holders, hydraulically folded , 50% aluminium for greater stability and weight reduction
  • Pendulum boom mounting with silent block damping vertical and yaw control
  • Pneumatic slope compensation
  • Stainless steel spray lines ½“ V2A
  • 50 cm spacing between each air operated double nozzle
  • Electropneumatic switched tandem nozzle holders
  • Nozzle line pressure circulation flushing with automatic switching
  • Robust and durable piston diaphragm pump
  • Direct hydraulic pump drive from DAMMANN-trac
  • 4 – Way suction valve 3, with electric operation
  • 4 – Way pressure valve 3 with electric operation
  • Large diameter suction filter and pressure filter
  • Quick pressure adjustment with air operated pressure control
  • Internal tank cleaning with nozzles
  • Pneumatic purging of all pressure lines
  • Remoted pneumatic agitator shut down
  • Pneumatic discharge
  • BASIC-terminal, joystick III, basic equipment, ISOBUS computer, GPS capable
  • Hand wash tank 15 l
  • Induction hopper lighting
  • Remote control lifting and lowering, continuous rinsing system with chemical wash.  Fast fill of 500 – 800 litres per minute
  • Comfort Package (protective gloves, soap dispensers and air pistol)

Profi-Class for highest demands

The device complies with the German legal requirements of JKI Braunschweig. Except for a few exceptions, all devices are JKI-excellent, and the equipment is also tested by the professional association for safety at work. Each device is subjected to a thorough final inspection before delivery and delivered with a test plaque, instructions for use and a small spare parts package.
The Profi-Class equipment has the highest technical equipment in the basic equipment, which can be extended or reduced.

All our products can be customised to the customers requirements.  We will happily advise you, to help you choose what is most appropriate to you.