Golf Course, Sports- and Green Areas

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  • Type Profi-Class GREEN
  • Tank capacity 500 up to 2000 liter
  • Working width up to 12 meter
  • Pump power 120 – 250 l/min
  • As a mounted- or demounted sprayer available

Profi-Class GREEN

D-GPS monitored plant protection for point-specific application on the golf course. The DAMMANN Profi-Class-GREEN works with an extensible ISOBUS computer, which ensures an ideal high-precision application of plant protection. The ISOBUS is available in different types.

Plant protection measures can be planed, carried out and documented with the Profi-Class GREEN. The Head-Greenkeeper can plan the amount of the application for plant protection as precisely as possible. The automatic nozzle circuit observes the location via D-GPS and ensures tha application on the right areas. In order to prevent a double application, the nozzles are automatically switched off when overlapping. The same also applies to pre-defined surfaces, such as bunkers or ponds. All data/orders are documented and can be evaluated afterwards. With a special software, all these data can be recorded and work order be planned on the PC. The possibility to connect to an existing management System via ISO-XML is given. The Profi-Class-GREEN can be adapted to every need of the customers, starting from the partial- and working widths up to the single nozzle control.
The system can also be controlled with sensors for chlorophyll detection.

  • The customer´s benefit consists in the exact documentation of the applications.
  • Environmentally friendly use of plant protection products because of high-precision application.