Airport De-Icer

DAMMANN Airport De-Icer Road – competence since 1997

  • Intelligent Electronics
  • Precise mechanics
  • Low-loss spraying
  • Customizable to customer requirements and conditions of use
  • Variable carrier vehicles
  • Performance values from 2,000 to 20,000 litres
  • Working widths from 3 to 45 meters
  • Working speeds up to 50 km/h

The DAMMANN Airport De-Icer for runways and aprons

High-precision output of the liquid. Proven nozzle technology that DAMMANN has developed experience and innovation for over 40 years. Powerful with large capacity and large working widths. Tank volume from 2,000 to 20,000 litres and working widths of up to 45 meters create a great impact power. User-friendly control. All working widths and spray functions can be easily switched from the driver’s seat and monitored.

The HERBERT DAMMANN GmbH For more than 30 years, manufactures machines for the transfer of liquids. Many innovations in the HERBERT DAMMANN GmbH In the deployment of liquids, today are no longer imagined away in modern agriculture.

The DAMMANN De-Icer is the result of the long experience in the highly precise application of liquids, in cooperation with users and practice-oriented experiments, this unique airport De-Icer was developed.

More details about the DAMMANN De-Icer

Icer Airport DAMMANN De-Kensington Road can be easily operated, via an Isobus terminal and a multi, which can control the quantities during the output.


The components, such as the pump, electrical circuit, hydraulics and pneumatics, are housed in a machine room.


Especially for the airport a program for documentation was developed, here all data is recorded when what was deployed. However, orders can also be coordinated, which airport De-Icer should treat a defined area.
The software only needs the geographical data of the plant and a GPS system in the airport De-Icer, and then prevents the surfaces to be treated twice. It controls the output and switches nozzles away when the surface is already covered, or the nozzles come over the edge of the surface. This protects the environment and also saves resources.


Airport icer for aprons and traffic routes – on traffic routes and in advance, a wide-area application is usually not possible due to obstacles. For this purpose, the DAMMANN KS Sprayer developed. Even without linkage, it has a working width of up to 15 meters.

Combination Devices and Conversions
The airport can also be icer to existing Kombistreuer DAMMANN De-Icer mount.


Where are our De-Icer in action?

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