JCB Fastrac Mounted Sprayer

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Our Mounted Sprayers are Suitable for Various Types of Vehicle

In the last 30 years, for example for the Unimog, MB-Trac or JCB Fastrac, the HERBERT DAMMANN GmbH has produced precise plant protection structures. The device can of course also be adapted to other vehicles-individually for each customer request.

Further details of the DAMMANN- JCB-Fastrac Profi-Class mounted sprayer

  • Stable frame with direct mounted tank for a deep emphasis
  • Fibreglass tank incl. safety Container with 10 % more content
  • Container with baffle walls for safe Transport , filling opening with ventilation compensation
  • Separate clean water tank
  • Mechanical indicator of tank fill level
  • Hydraulic lifting boom with protective tracking for hose line
  • Boom with hydraulic locking for transport
  • Stable hydraulic folding spray booms, 50% aluminium and integrated securing device for the drive, 50% made of Aluminium for a greater stability and weight reduction
  • Pendulum boom mounting with silent block damping vertical and yaw control.Pneumatic slope compensation
  • Stainless steel spray lines ½“ V2A, 50 cm nozzle holder distance
  • Quick pressure adjustment
  • Internal tank cleaning
  • Piston diaphragm pump with hydraulic drive
  • Pump drive driven hydraulically directly by the JCB Fastrac
  • Access platform with folding steps
  • 4 – Way suction valve 3“
  • 4 – Way pressure valve 3″
  • Large diameter suction filter and pressure filter
  • Quick pressure adjustment with air operated pressure control
  • Self cleaning pressure filter
  • Tank agitation
  • remoted pneumatic agitator shut down
  • ISOBUS-jobcomputer with DAMMANN basic terminal and joystick III
  • Hand wash tank 15 l
  • Induction bowl 30 l with internal flush and nozzle for the cleaning of chemical containers, suctrion power incl. pump up to 600 l/min.
  • Protected electrical control

Additional Equipment

Of course, each of our products can be individually adapted to your customer’s requirements. With pleasure we advice you to your precise product from our house!

Due to additional equipment, the Profi-Class mounted sprayer can be adapted even more to your needs. Here is a small excerpt of our possible options:

  • DCD – Distance Control DAMMANN
  • D-A-S Dual Air System
  • Tandem or quattro-nozzle holder
  • HD-Night LUX
  • RRW – rotating stirring unit
  • TankControl, die elektronical gauge
  • Piston diaphragm pump with min. 320 l/min
  • Boom lighting with LED worklight
  • Outdoor cleaning  as washing brush or vario-spry lance
  • Special circuit and flange plates for more work width