Airport De-Icer

DAMMANN Airport De-Icer – Competence since 1997

  • Intelligent Electronics
  • Precise mechanics
  • Low-loss spraying
  • Customizable to customer requirements and conditions of use
  • Variable carrier vehicles
  • Performance values from 2,000 to 20,000 litres
  • Working widths from 3 to 45 meters
  • Working speeds up to 50 km/h

The DAMMANN Airport De-Icer for runways and aprons

DAMMANN‘s proven nozzle technology guarantees highly precise application of liquids. Behind this technology – powerful due to large capacity and large working widths – are 40 years of innovative development work. Tank capacities of 2000 to 20.000 litres and working widths of up to 45 metres guarantee the best results.

The DAMMANN De-Icer is result of many years of experience in the high-precision application of liquids. This unique airport De-Icer was developed in cooperation with users and in practice-oriented tests. Its handling is extremely user-friendly: working widths and spraying functions can be easily switched and monitored from the driver’s cab.

The HERBERT DAMMANN GmbH has been producing machines for spreading liquids for more than 40 years. Many of the company’s innovations have become indispensable in today’s agriculture.

The variety of DAMMANN De-Icers

Our machines are manufactured according to the customer’s wishes. Our professionally experienced employees adapt each machine individually to the customer’s needs. The De-Icers can be produced as fixed bodies, hook lifts, swap bodies or semi-trailers, with a capacity of up to 20000 litres.

More Details:

The DAMMANN De-Icer is easy to operate via an ISOBUS terminal and a multifunction handle And while the liquid is being spread, the quantity can be controlled.

Components such as the pump, electrical circuitry, hydraulics and pneumatics are placed in the machine room.

Especially for airports, DAMMANN has developed a programme for documentation with which all data of the spreading can be recorded. In addition, this software can be used to coordinate jobs by means of geographical data and GPS.
If an area has already been treated, the Track-Leader automatically switches off nozzles and avoids double application. Spraying “over the edge” can also be ruled out with this system. This protects the environment and saves De-Icing agents.

A wide-area application is not always possible on traffic routes and the apron. The DAMMANN KS sprayer was developed for this purpose. Even without booms, it has a working width of up to 15 metres. Combination units and conversions:
It´s no problem to mount a DAMMANN De-Icer can on existing combination spreaders.


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