The Company


From an Inventor to an successful Entrepreneur

Herbert DAMMANN GmbH was founded as a mechanical engineering company on March 15, 1979 by Herbert DAMMANN. As a passionate farmer Herbert Dammann was always interested in improving and adapting his predominant agricultural technology for his needs. From this motivation, the internationally successful HERBERT DAMMANN GmbH emerged.

With Nadine Dammann, the company is now managed in the second generation. The studied mechanical engineering engineer and trained industrial mechanic has the design and development in her blood. With 130 employees, the family-owned company offers a steadily growing range of products worldwide.

Today, the North German company can offer its customers products around the distribution of liquids. Plant protection is certainly the focus of DAMMANN. We offer plant-related equipment with up to 42 metres boom width and 14,000 litres of tank capacity.

Developing tomorrow’s Technology today

The enthusiasm of the company founder Herbert Dammann for technical development is an essential component which is still going on since the foundation of the company in our house. In the beginning it was the idea to develop innovative, future-orientated and high-class plant-protection equipment, which allows us to offer the usual technology and at the same time precisely tailored to the individual needs of our customers.

Today, this idea and the visions have long become reality and belong to the philosophy of the medium-sized family business. Since its foundation, the Herbert DAMMANN GmbH has been developing, producing and distributing plant safety equipment for the agricultural sector, de-icing equipment for the municipal sector and the aerospace industry and constructions for railway track vehicles, as well as service and ExpertPartner for Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG vehicles. The HERBERT DAMMANN GmbH is now one of the international market leaders for plant protection.

Keep Moving

An important moment in the company’s history came in April 2006. Due to the increasing demand for our machines and the ever larger devices we needed more space. In 2006, the new production facility in the industrial area Buxtehude-Hedendorf was finally put into operation. In the 10,000 square metres plant, all production processes are optimally combined. Each stage of production has enough room and space now to develop optimally. 2014, the plant was expanded by another 3000 sqm. In conjunction with Mercedes-Benz, carrier vehicles were developed, which deploy liquids in combination with UNIMOG vehicles. The result is reliable, high-performance vehicles with practical handling. In case of self-propelled trac’s , DAMMANN is regarded as a pioneer in Germany. In 1984 the company constructed the first self-proppelled sprayer in Germany on the MB-tracs and later on the basis of the UNIMOG. As a result, customers can choose from a wide range of vehicles and sprayers.

The DAMMANN trailer and mounted sprayers are adaptable and stable. All devices can be varied by a wide range of combinable options. They offer the highest level of robustness, stability, reliability and long service life. The devices guarantee a precise distribution of the liquid and high work capacities. The DAMMANN products provide a long service life and a high degree of value stability.


Development, production and distribution of technical systems in the areas of vehicle construction with dosing of liquids.

  • Plant-protection equipment as self propelled, mounted systems and trailer systems with a boom width up to 42 metres and up to 14,000 litres of tank capacity
  • Special spray vehicles and equipment for the fruit
  • Winter service vehicles municipal and airport technology
  • Track Spraying Systems
  • Unimog- und special constructions (factory guarantee despite reconstruction of the Unimog)
  • Mercedes Benz Unimog Service Partner and ExpertPartner
  • Airport technology
  • Research and Innovation
  • Curve~Control~Application
  • App-based control technology
  • Sensor
  • Core Competencies
  • 140 Employees
  • 6 Trainees
  • 13.000 sqm Production Hall
  • Own test Track
  • Contact persons in more than 30 countries of the world
  • Worldwide sales and Customer Service network

Construction of the first plant protection sprayer with hydraulically folded 15 m boom, mounted on a Mercedes-Benz Unimog.
Foundation of the contracting company for plant protection
Foundation of the mechanical Engineering company
Construction of the production hall & purchase of the „Dunkerhall“
The first exhibition equipment is being built
Development of the first DAMMANN-trac’s on Mercedes-Benz MB-Trac-base
Development of trailed sprayer
Extension of the exhibition hall
First De-Icer for the airport Hamburg & 40 m extension of „Dunkerhalle“
Construction of the first tandem trailed sprayer
Obtaining the silver medal for the  pneumatic nozzle multi-function circuit
Obtaining the gold medal for the low drift-optimization system Metos AOS & developing the DAMMANN-trac DT 2600 H 3A
Nadine Dammann joins the company
Start constructing the new production hall & developing of the Land-Cruiser as a entry level model
Completion of production hall and test track
Obtaining the silver medal for the DAMMANN-trac DT 2000H Highlander
Obtaining the DLG-silver medal for the HD Night-Lux
Appointment of Nadine Dammann as CEO
Obtaining the silver medal for the Curves~Control~Application
Completion of another production hall

The HERBERT DAMMANN GmbH becomes a partner of the fire brigarde.
The HERBERT DAMMANN GmbH becomes an ExpertPartner of  Mercedes-Benz Unimog.
Obtaining the DLG-silver medal for the DIS-PSM

Receiving the Demopark silver medal for Profi-Class Green

40 years DAMMANN

Pulse width modulation (PWM)

DAMMANN-trac on tracks

Dammann Zeitstrahl 21