Innovative Developments

The innovations of the plant protection sprayer Specialist – HERBERT DAMMANN GmbH.

The distributed technology in the field of the distribution of liquids becomes more complex with each year. This also poses challenges for the agricultural machinery manufacturer.

The HERBERT DAMMANN GmbH – Continuous innovation by highly qualified professionals.

Even at the beginning of the new millennium, the attitude of the founder and the employees continues to thrive, so the family business today convinces with a future-oriented product range. Due to the growing demands on plant protection, the technology of Herbert DAMMANN GmbH is constantly being developed anew.

In addition to the core area of plant protection technology, the company develops de-icing equipment for airports and the municipal sector and is also internationally one of the market leaders in this segment.

Join us on our way and work at the home of innovation and quality.

Research and Development

The HERBERT DAMMANN GmbH stands not only for the highest quality, but also for research & development of new technologies. Thanks to the founder Herbert Dammann and today’s managing director and daughter Nadine Dammann, the company is developing the quality standard and new challenges every day with its 130 employees.

„ The innovations that have arisen in recent decades have been the result of the unfettered love of my father for technique and optimization“,

Nadine Dammann describes the history of the company. Today, the company carries on with just as much passion and motivation

„ Our goal is to provide each customer individually, with his perfectly produced device. We have developed the field of plant protection technology successfully and have now deployed our technology for the deployment of liquids on vehicles for winter service and rail maintenance.“,

Nadine Dammann describes the development since its takeover in the year 2011.

In addition to the new product developments, HERBERT DAMMANN GmbH benefits from the growing branch of sensor technology and digitisation. Fully automatic liquid output, thanks to the built-in sensors on the sprayers, as well as controls via a terminal from the drivers cabin are no longer a rarity, but rather the rule. Today, we offer our customers many optional equipment variants that can be used not only for efficient, but also for cost-and time-saving work and environmentally friendly liquids. Liquids are applied to the exact point where they are needed.

„ As much as necessary and as little as possible – for people and the environment, we develop products that underlie this guiding principle.“,

Thanks to the founder Herbert Dammann, who in addition to his own agriculture spent a lot of time in his own workshop and constantly tried to improve the given technique, HERBERT DAMMANN GmbH is now looking back on many years of successful development and research, which once started with an idea in his own workshop.


August 21st, 2019|

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Fluid Indicator

October 24th, 2018|

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