HERBERT DAMMANN GmbH has specialised in
the precise application of liquids. Our focus is on the areas of
crop protection, municipal and airport technology.

Plant Protection

DAMMANN Pflanzenschutztechnik


DAMMANN Airporttechnik

Municipal Engineering

HERBERT DAMMANN GmbH Kommunaltechnik Solesprüher Winterdienst

Track Spraying Systems

DAMMANN Gleissprühanlage

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

As you can see from the current media, the Corona virus is spreading more and more. As a result, far-reaching measures have been adopted worldwide. We are also aware of the situation and take it very seriously.

Our operations are currently continuing and we are very keen to deal with all customer enquiries, orders, etc. in the best possible way and to continue to be there for you. We take this situation very seriously: it is our greatest concern to protect the many people with whom we are in direct contact to the maximum.

In view of this, we would like to inform you about the further steps we are taking in terms of prevention:

We manage to provide maximum protection for all employees through a variety of measures, such as implementing all recommended and legal rules of conduct – use of home office options, compliance with distance regulations, compliance with hygiene requirements.
The movement of goods in Europe continues to function. Accordingly, machine and spare parts deliveries are also handled.
We are still fully accessible to you via digital channels and also on site with our customers to a limited extent. Use the following communication channels for your concerns:
Orders via spare parts catalogue through your dealer.

Our local dealers are also there for you and will be happy to take up your request.

Spare parts orders can be placed without any problems. Availability is ensured; however, there may be delays in the next few weeks. We will be happy to supply you with spare parts via our shipping department.

Events are cancelled until further notice.

We are reassessing the situation every day and will act accordingly. It is our goal to deliver high-precision technology. To do this, we must above all stay healthy and work together to contain the spread of the coronavirus. With your far-sighted behaviour, you are helping us all.

Thank you for your understanding and trust.

We wish you all the best. Stay healthy.

Nadine Dammann

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