Precise plant treatment through intelligent camera system


As little as possible, as much as necessary!

GreenView is the precise plant treatment by an intelligent camera system.

The area to be treated is scanned in real time during the passage and the self-learning cameras detect “green” weeds on “brown” soil.

One camera controls several nozzles, as the field of vision is digitally divided into smaller sections. The system even detects individual green stalks and reacts accordingly.
In a second step, “green” harmful plants are also detected from “green” crops and then treated selectively.

The first DAMMANN devices are currently being used successfully by customers. The feedback on potential savings is promising. Due to the advancing digitalization and minimization of camera components, such a system will become more and more popular and accepted in the future.

Areas of Application:

  • In agriculture
  • For vegetation control in and around the track bed