„All-In-One-Systemtraktor “NeXaT wins Innovation Award 2022

Gold medal at Agritechnica goes to the innovative crop production system with modularly integrated DAMMANN mounted sprayer.

Buxtehude. One gold medal and 16 silver medals were awarded for innovations in agricultural technology.

The DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft – German Agricultural Society) awarded a prize to the world’s first interchangeable carrier vehicle, which for the first time allows all operations from soil cultivation and crop protection to harvesting to be carried out on fixed tracks. This was preceded by years of ambitious development work in cooperation with several agricultural machinery manufacturers. The customer was the company NeXaT GmbH, the company Kalverkamp Innovation GmbH carried out the product development and HERBERT DAMMANN GmbH was entrusted with the development and production for the crop protection sprayer module.

HERBERT DAMMANN GmbH develops vehicles and equipment in the field of plant protection technology, airport and municipal technology. Specialized in the high-precision application of liquids, the company has now been able to establish itself as one of the leading manufacturers on the market for 40 years.

The interchangeable carrier vehicle will be driven diesel-electrically with 2x 545 hp motors. Operation with alternative drive technologies such as fuel cells is also planned. The available attachments are picked up via a quick-change system between the belt drives and integrated via a central interface. The NeXaT operates in the Control Traffic Farming (CTF) system, in the future also autonomously. The CTF prevents soil compaction over a wide area, as the machine is always driven in the same tramlines for each application. With the 14m version, the user achieves an absolute minimization of tramlines in the field. The crawler tracks reduce the ground pressure many times over. In addition to high soil and environmental protection, working with the NeXaT achieves a significantly higher efficiency and can be used all year round.

With the mounted sprayer module developed by DAMMANN, it was possible to develop and manufacture the largest known crop protection sprayer with a tank capacity of 22,000 l and a working width of 70 m due to the dimensions of the carrier vehicle. The special device is equipped with the proven, high-tech Profi-Class technology and the integrable ISOBUS.

The crop protection device can be configured individually for each farm on request. This device is equipped with HD-Night-LUX, automatic boom control and CCA. As well as EP modules that allow a section number of 18. The working width can be selected from 18 to 70 m. There are also different tank capacities to choose from. Large tanks of 18 – 22,000 l enable an enormously high impact force.


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