Rail Track Sprayer

DAMMANN Rail Track Sprayer

Rail Track Sprayer GSA 5807 mounted sprayer for the UNIMOG U 400 with 3 axes
  • Classification: Rail Track Sprayer GSA 5807
  • Mounted: changing frame on spider
  • tank capacity: 5,800 litres (in fibreglass-version with baffle walls for a safe transport, two filling slots)
  • fresh water tank: 310 litres
  • holding tank for plant protection products: 210 litres
  • pump: AR 320 l/min (power from the hydraulics of the UNIMOG)
  • spray width: 7 m (two arms with tandem nozzle carrier)
  • computer: BASIC-terminal with Jobcomputer (information data is displayed on a large scale)
  • hand wash tank: 20 litres

“As much as necessary and as little as possible” – this motto also applies to vegetation control on railway tracks. HERBERT DAMMANN GmbH manufactures special superstructures for this purpose, for two-way vehicles, railway wagons and special locomotives. Here, too, we combine quality and competence through more than 40 years of experience in product development.

Many innovations in the field of high-precision application of liquids can be traced back to this experience and it is impossible to imagine modern agriculture, airport technology and municipal technology without them. The DAMMANN track spraying system is the result of many years of experience in the high-precision application of liquids in cooperation with users and practice-oriented tests.



Drift reduction through air support. The D-A-S builds up an air wall in front of and behind the nozzles, thus preventing drift caused by wind. This system is approved by the Julius Kühn Institute.