Brine Sprayer Winter Service

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DAMMANN Brine Sprayer – Environmentally Friendly Winter Service with Brine

  • Low-loss – savings up to 50%
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Variable
  • Intelligent electronics
  • Easy handling
  • 2.000 to 20.000 litre tank capacity
  • 3 to 15 meter working width
  • More usage options

Especially developed for the winter service –  the DAMMANN  brine sprayer for the highly precise application of salt liquors.

The proven technology of plant protection- and airport-technology  is the focus of its product development. A perfect DAMMANN product for the winter service. Of course, we have also made our highest quality standards in this product reality for high-precision, environmentally conscious and economical application of liquids! Achieve savings up to 50% with the DAMMANN brine sprayer!

Further Details of the DAMMANN brine sprayer

Cleaning- and Casting Mechanism

The DAMMANN brine sprayer can be equipped with different cleaning- and
-casting mechanism and gives a use for outside the Ice Age as well. The HERBERT DAMMANN GmbH offers a washing brush, a spray gun and a high pressure cleaner as a special equipment. It is also possible to integrate prearmaments, such as pressure or connections for the pouring device.

The DAMMANN brine sprayer combines technology from over 30 years of product development in the application of liquids. The pneumatically controlled nozzle technology conducts the deployment of liquids with particularly high precision, so that savings up to 50% can be achieved. With the brine sprayer of the DAMMANN technology they put on ecologically and economically future-oriented winter service technology.

Our fan- and point steel nozzles offers you working widths up to 15 meters on the one hand and an enormously high time saving on the other hand – with our asymmetric switching technology, you can edit indentations, turning lanes, bus stops and crossings in a single crossing in the future.

Our proven DAMMANN-technology is well protected and organized in our specially developed technical room at the back of the brine sprayer. The high-performance pump, as well as all other control elements receive the highest possible protection from external weather influences and are still easy and quick to reach.

The winter brine sprayer is also useable outside the winter season. With it´s self-priming piston diaphragm pump for self filling of liquids, you can use the sprayer for other purposes. The brine spray can be used for the transport of larger amounts of water or for washing and casting purposes for example.

From the combined computer SPRAYDOS to the GPS-controlled ISOBUS system – It´s your choice – the DAMMANN brine sprayer can be equipped with our various controls.

All DAMMANN controls ensure precise and high-precision dispensing of liquids. The ISOBUS systems can be adapted individually and thus enable a precisely tailored software solution for the detection of scattered data, and the adaptation to existing systems is possible at any time!